Best Guitar Cleaning Kit: What You Need To Know About Guitar Care

Looking for the best guitar cleaning kit? Every instrument needs care and attention to keep it in top playing condition. But guitars are particularly sensitive instruments because they rely on the vibrations of strings for their sound.

The right cleaning kit will help you clean and protect your guitar from scratches or discoloration while also providing the necessary tools for routine maintenance.

This is why the best guitar cleaning kit can be so helpful – with the right products, you can clean your guitar and protect its finish from scratching or discoloration. Here are some of our favorite picks!

Bestseller No. 1
Jim Dunlop Body & Fingerboard Cleaning Kit (6503)
Jim Dunlop Body & Fingerboard Cleaning Kit (6503)
Kit Includes:; 1 - Formula 65 Polish (4oz) 1 - Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil (4oz); 2 - Polish Cloths
SaleBestseller No. 3
Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit
Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit
Everything you need to keep your guitar maintained; Contains five cleaners for your guitar's body, neck and strings
Bestseller No. 6
MusicNomad MN140 Premium Guitar Care 3-Piece Kit
MusicNomad MN140 Premium Guitar Care 3-Piece Kit
Guitar ONE is an all-in-1 cleaner, polish, and wax for everyday cleaning and polishing; Safe on all guitar gloss finishes, including Nitrocellulose
Bestseller No. 8
MusicNomad Premium Guitar Cleaner and Polish Care Kit, 5-Piece (MN108)
MusicNomad Premium Guitar Cleaner and Polish Care Kit, 5-Piece (MN108)
Includes (2) 16-inch x 12-inch lint-free, washable premium microfiber cloths
Bestseller No. 10
Fender Custom Shop 4-Step Guitar Cleaning Kit
Fender Custom Shop 4-Step Guitar Cleaning Kit
Fender Fingerboard Remedy; Fender Guitar Quick Clean; Fender Guitar Polish; Fender Guitar Cleaner
Bestseller No. 14
Ernie Ball Musician's Tool Kit (P04114)
Ernie Ball Musician's Tool Kit (P04114)
All-in-one instrument care system; Includes everything for string changes and set-ups; Handy carrying case
Bestseller No. 18
D'Addario Accessories Guitar Tools (PW-ECK-01)
D'Addario Accessories Guitar Tools (PW-ECK-01)
High quality travel case; Non-slip protective body mat; Package Weight: 0.68 kilograms
Bestseller No. 20
PRS Guitar Cleaning Kit
PRS Guitar Cleaning Kit
Guitar Cleaning Kit with Guitar Cleaner; 3 Microfiber Cloths; Tung Oil; Polish

Best Guitar Cleaning Kit Reviews 2021

Fender Guitar Super Care Kit

Fender Guitar Super Care Kit Bundle with Custom Shop Deluxe Guitar Care System 4 Pack, Super-Soft Dual-Sided Microfiber Cloth, and Fender Factory Microfiber Cloth
  • Four-step kit contains one bottle of each Fender Custom Shop Guitar Care product: Cleaner, Polish, Quick Clean and Fingerboard Remedy
  • These high-grade carnauba formulations contain no silicones, resins, polymers, bonding agents or alcohol

The Fender Guitar Super Care Kit has all the essentials for maintaining a guitar. 

These high-grade carnauba formulations contain no resins, silicones, polymers, alcohol, or bonding agents. 

Gender would be proud of this kit! With four individual bottles, one for each step of keeping your guitar shiny and clean, this kit from Fender has everything you need.

The Fingerboard Remedy contains lemon oil to nourish the wood without leaving on black finishes.

We all know how much we love our guitars, but have you ever given them a good scrub down? If not, then the Fender Guitar Super Care Kit is just for you. This kit includes everything you will need to take care of your guitar.

You will be able to clean your guitar and polish it to perfection with no fingerprints or streaks on the black finish. Not only does this kit contain cleaning products, but also two microfiber cloths and a guitar polishing agent.

This kit may have all the essentials for maintaining a guitar, but it is also easy on the wallet. You can keep your guitars looking as good as new without spending an arm and a leg with this kit from Fender.

If you’re looking to spruce up your guitar collection, then look no further than the Fender Guitar Super Care kit. Once you purchase this amazing kit, you are all set for years of maintenance!


-The Cleaner, Polish and Quick-Clean formulas are high-grade carnauba formulations that contain no silicones or alcohol

-This kit also includes a deluxe guitar care system



MusicNomad MN108 Premium Guitar Care

MusicNomad Premium Guitar Cleaner and Polish Care Kit, 5-Piece (MN108)
  • Our 5 piece cleaning kit gives your acoustic, electric or bass guitar a total spa treatment from the body and neck to the fretboard and hardware. Whether using for general everyday maintenance or a deep restoration, MusicNomad’s 5-piece kit covers all your needs.
  • GUITAR ONE is an all-in-1 cleaner, polish, and wax like no other for everyday cleaning of gloss finishes. Our unique GUITAR POLISH formulation provides deeper cleaning and polishing to restore and revive dull, hazy, scratched, and scuffed gloss finishes. It can even polish nickel and chrome, but not recommended for gold hardware or matte finishes. Both cleaners are safe and work on plastic and nitrocellulose & polyurethane finishes

The MusicNomad MN108 Premium Guitar Care Kit uses 100% natural oils and is safe on unfinished rosewood, ebony, and maple fretboards.

This guitar care kit can be used on gloss finishes. The guitar care kit also includes Fretboard F-ONE Oil which gives richer cleansing and beating to refresh and make your guitar look cleaner.

The kit includes a polish, polishing cloth, cleaning solution, chamois cloth, and maintenance kit. With these items alone, you are capable of taking care of any type of dirt on you or your guitar.

This product is very easy to use and is very effective in its job. Keeping your guitars clean will extend the life of the instrument by protecting them from dirt, sweat, and grime.


– Easy To Use

– Effective In Its Job

– Protects Instruments From Dirt And Sweat

– Helps Extend The Life Of Instruments


– A Little Pricey

PRS Guitars Guitar Care

PRS Guitars Guitar Care Bundle Conditioner Polish Cleaner (ACC-123084)
  • SKU: 101666:002:027:011
  • The Guitar Care Bundle includes everything you'll need to keep your PRS guitar in top shape

It is not easy to take care of your guitar with just a rag and the many products out there that claim to be able to clean your guitar perfectly.

Luckily, PRS Guitars Guitar Care offers an all-inclusive package that has a variety of products as well as a cloth for you to get the job done.

The kit includes a polish, polishing cloth, cleaning solution, chamois cloth, and maintenance kit. With these items alone, you are capable of taking care of any type of dirt on you or your guitar.

If you have a PRS guitar that you’ve taken really good care of over the years. You always used it on every song, but you didn’t want to take any chances with it so you got this great package from PRS Guitars.

This kit comes with everything you need and has plenty of polish for your guitar strings. Great product that is reasonably priced. These products leave your PRS clean and shiny without compromising the tone and finish.

The kit includes everything that you need to clean your PRS, which is nice. It also has three microfiber polishing cloths to ensure that your guitar is looking beautiful no matter how often you play it. This set is perfect for any guitar!

This pack of cleaning tools is amazing! The price is so affordable that I don’t feel bad about using them on your expensive PRS guitar every time you need to clean it (as long as it’s not too often).

These are the best set of accessories that we have come across and plan to continue purchasing in the future. The only downside is that it seems more expensive than what you were expecting at first glance.

Overall, We are quite happy with how much easier this kit has made your life, especially since my memories are all connected to your guitar.


– Comes with all necessary tools to clean the guitar

– Great price for what you get

– Leaves guitar looking brand new without compromising the sound or finish

– 3 microfiber polishing cloths for total guitar care



Jim Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit

Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit
  • Everything you need to keep your guitar maintained
  • Contains five cleaners for your guitar's body, neck and strings

Jim Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit is one of the best products on the market. It takes years off your guitar’s life with just a few gentle touches.

This kit includes everything you need to keep your guitar maintained and looking its best by providing a variety of cleaners for your guitar’s body, neck, and strings.

Additionally, it contains a Micro Fine Fret Polishing Cloth, two 100% cotton cloths, and care instructions which are great for any type of maintenance.

This kit also shields against corrosion and extends playing life by making sure to carefully clean your valued instrument after each use.

The instructions will tell you how to use all five different types of cleaners as well as how to make your own if you’re feeling adventurous! Jim Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit is excellent for beginners and pros alike.

It’s really helped keep your guitar in a good condition for a long time. The kit is composed of everything that you need to take care of your guitar and the instructions cover everything you need to know.

It’s all in one box, which is convenient and there’s a variety of products included to use on different parts of the guitar. They’re even conveniently labeled so you’ll know what they are for.

There are two cotton cloths and instructions as well. The clothes are 100% cotton and great for polishing the fretboard.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, so you can always refer back if you need to know how to do something like clean the body of the guitar or remove the old strings without causing damage.

We highly recommend these items because they are cost-effective. You are not going to spend a bunch of money on some cleaning kit that will not work.

You are also going to get a lot of great care products that will clean and maintain your guitar. The care instructions will also help you make sure you take good care of your guitar, which means it will last longer!

The guitar cleaning products are of good quality and work well without making a mess. It also came with two extra polishing cloths that you can use to polish your strings, which is great because it’s not something that you think about until you need it.

It also comes with really clear instructions on how to use the products, which is nice because some other kits just come with a ton of different bottles that do not look like they will do anything at all! If you are looking for a great maintenance kit, this one is perfect!


-Includes everything you need to keep your guitar maintained and looking its best

-Shields against corrosion and extends playing life

-Clear instructions


-It takes a little while before you notice any change in the condition of your guitar

GHS Strings Fingerboard Care Kit

GHS Strings GHS Fingerboard Care Kit (A77)
  • Fingerboard Care Kit for use on Instrument Fingerboards
  • Ideal for any string instrument to clean dirty & grime from playing surface

This kit is perfect for the purchaser who wants to give their guitar a clean polish. It includes a fret buffer, fingerboard cleaner, and cloth, giving you everything you need to get started.

In order to use this kit successfully, it is important that you first remove any dirt or grime from your instrument’s (guitar) finish by using an appropriate solvent. After that has been completed, the stringed instrument should be thoroughly dried with a lint-free cloth before using the fingerboard cleaner.

The instructions included state the best way to use this kit is to apply liberally and work in circular motions on all of the playing surfaces of your strings instrument’s (guitar) fingerboard.

It is important that you allow this product to set into your strings instrument’s (guitar) finish for at least thirty seconds before cleaning it off with a clean, soft cloth. This process should be repeated as necessary until the playing surface is clean.

The product is easy to use and it has a nice smell. It leaves the fingerboard very clean and shiny. The kit comes as a small package that can be stored in any bag or guitar case easily.

You’ll definitely need another cloth for cleaning, we recommend using an old t-shirt because microfiber cloths can damage the finish. There’s no way to avoid leaving Fingerboard cleaner on the strings because it is a kind of paste.

The fretboard conditioner has also some protective layers that will protect your guitar from dust. Works great for guitars that have sat untouched for months and need some cleaning up (electric guitars). It’s really easy to use.


– Refreshing fragrance

– Easy to Use, All in One Package

– No harsh chemicals


-The only negatives are that the kit is small and does not include a cloth.

Best Guitar Cleaning Kit Benefits

A guitar is a complex instrument with many intricate parts. Keeping it in good condition can be difficult, but doing so will not only keep the guitar sounding better longer.

It will also make sure that your investment lasts for years to come. This article discusses some of the benefits of using a cleaning kit regularly on your guitar.

26 min

One of the most important parts of any guitar is its strings. They are what makes a guitar sound like a guitar. However, after extended use, they begin to lose their brightness and also have trouble staying in tune. 

These issues can be prevented with regular cleaning and this is another benefit of investing in a high-quality guitar cleaning kit.

Another thing that can be a problem is dust and dirt. Both of these elements can really affect an instrument’s sound and performance.

Dirt on the frets, for example, makes it less easy to press down on them – making your guitar harder to play.

At the same time, dust can accumulate in the bridge and cause feedback. Guitar cleaning kit cleaners help to keep these problems at bay.

Similarly, dirt on the strings can affect how quickly they are able to vibrate and an excess of dust can cause the wood of your guitar to swell and warp.

In addition to being able to help keep your instrument in good working order, having a guitar cleaning kit on hand can also save you money.

For example, by keeping dirt off the strings you will be able to extend their life – meaning that you don’t have to replace them as often.

They are also easy to use and highly affordable too. Thus, they form a good investment that will increase the lifespan of your guitar. But not only that – it will also help you to play the guitar better.

best guitar cleaning kit
Best Guitar Cleaning Kit: What You Need To Know About Guitar Care 60

A cleaning kit will help to restore your strings, which means they’ll sound brighter and stay in tune longer. This can prevent problems before they happen.

A guitar that is constantly out of tune or has dull sounding strings will need to be fixed by a professional musician or luthier right away. Instead, a better option would be using a regular guitar cleaning kit.

The parts around the bridge of a guitar are also prone to damage and wear. A cleaning kit can prevent that, too. Scratches and other marks near the bridge occur because particles from skin and dirt fall into the cavity underneath it.

These things get stuck in there, which makes playing difficult. Using a solution is the best way to clean this out.

Another important part of the bridge is the saddle and the surrounding area. This part of the guitar, too, can be damaged by skin particles. Using a solution will help prevent this from happening, making your guitar look new longer.

A final benefit of using a regular cleaning kit on your guitar is the finish. A guitar with a scratch and chip-free finish will not only look better, but it’ll be more valuable as well.

Using a cleaning kit should be part of your regular practice routine to make sure that your instrument lasts for years to come.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Guitar Cleaning Kit

When it comes to choosing the best guitar cleaning kit, there are many factors that you need to consider. A few of these factors include:

Clean a Guitar Step 10 min

Instruments that you own

The type of instrument you have will determine the kind of cleaning kit that you need to buy. For instance, if you have a classical guitar, then you will need a delicate cleanser. If you have an electric guitar, then get a more powerful cleaner.

Durability of the instrument

The durability of your instrument is also something to take into consideration when buying a cleaning kit.

If your instrument is not durable at all, then opt for a gentle or brush-type cleaner. This way, no damage will be done to your instrument yet it will still clean it properly.

With durable instruments, however, choose whatever cleaning kit suits your needs best as long as they are powerful enough. These kits can include a polishing cloth or a cotton swab.

The budget

A more powerful and expensive cleaning kit does not necessarily mean that it can clean better than a gentle cleanser.

A gentle guitar cleaner may be able to clean your instrument just as well if you use it properly, yet still cost less money. Of course, the type of cleaner you need will also depend on the instrument that you have.

Best Guitar Cleaning Kit

How Often You Play Your Guitar

If you play your guitar every day – If you are someone who plays their guitars often, then it is best to invest in a good quality cleaner and toothbrush or any other cleaning kit tools where needed.

This way, you can clean your instrument often to avoid dust, dirt, and other contaminants that may cause damage. You should also consider investing in an individual polishing cloth or a metal polish for regular use so as to keep your guitar shining at all times.

If you play only occasionally – For someone who plays their guitar only once in a while, the choice is clear. It would be best to opt for a gentle cleanser since your instrument likely has dust or dirt on it after being put aside for so long.

Quality of Product

The quality of the product is another factor to consider in choosing a guitar cleaner. You should, for example, choose a cloth that is soft enough or a brush that has bristles that are not too strong so as not to damage your instrument. A good quality kit should also last for a long time and not be too expensive.

FAQs about Best Guitar Cleaning Kit

What is the best guitar cleaning kit for a beginner?

In order to purchase the best guitar cleaning kit, it is necessary to know what a person needs for their work. The beginner may not know what the best kit is, so I recommend they purchase this one.

How much does the kit cost?

The price of the guitar cleaning kit will depend on the size and type. This one has a price range because there are two different types with different sizes.

How often should you clean your instrument?

You should clean your instrument after every time it gets dirty, which could be every day if someone plays it frequently.

How do you use the spray cleaner?

Mix five parts of water with one part cleaner in a spray bottle and then apply. Rinse with a towel and then repeat if necessary.

What can you use to clean the fretboard?

The best type of cleaner for an instrument is water with a ten percent mixture of ammonia. Other options are lemon oil, vinegar, or acetone.

Can I use the shampoo on my instrument Cleaning Kit instead of just my hands?

You can, but it might not work out so well. The soap in the shampoo is designed to cut through all that dirt and grease stuck on your hands.

Doubt it would do much for a guitar, but you could always give it a try as long as you rinse your instrument off afterward!


In conclusion, the best guitar cleaning kit on the market is Fender Guitar Super Care Kit. This product will clean your guitars safely and efficiently without needing any harsh chemicals or sandpaper that can damage delicate finishes.

The manufacturer guarantees this product for life so you never have to worry about it breaking down after just a few months of use. Purchase one today!

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