Amazing, Cool, And Awesome ZigBee Repeaters

The ZigBee Repeater is an amazing invention that can amplify your signal, or you can use it as a booster. It is the best thing for anyone who has tried to get their device to work in one room of the house and not another.

The repeater will be able to connect with any other device on the network, regardless of whether they’re using 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless technology. You won’t have to worry about it being incompatible because this unit works with all devices that are compliant with IEEE 802.15.4-2006 standard which means almost anything made today will work! This unit also communicates wirelessly at speeds up to 250kbps so there’s no need for cables or cords either. Our post is pretty cool, right?

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SONOFF S31 Lite 15A Zigbee Smart Plug ETL Certified, Works with SmartThings, and Amazon Echo Plus, Hub Needed for Amazon Alexa (1-Pack)
SONOFF S31 Lite 15A Zigbee Smart Plug ETL Certified, Works with SmartThings, and Amazon Echo Plus, Hub Needed for Amazon Alexa (1-Pack)
Sunrise and Sunset Routine Support:Set sunrise and sunset routine to turn on or off light; Compact Design: Small and compact body will not block adjacent outlets
SaleBestseller No. 13
Ecobee3 Lite SmartThermostat, Black
Ecobee3 Lite SmartThermostat, Black
Save up to 23% annually on heating and cooling costs (compared to a hold of 72°F); Control from anywhere using your Android or iOS device
Bestseller No. 17
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Close that errors as fast as you can!; English (Publication Language)
Bestseller No. 19
IKEA 303.561.69 Trådfri Wireless Control Outlet
IKEA 303.561.69 Trådfri Wireless Control Outlet
You can wirelessly turn your lamps on and off.; Max.; output power: 1650W.

Zigbee Repeater Reviews 2022

Innr Zigbee Smart Plug

Innr Zigbee Smart Plug, Works with Philips Hue, SmartThings, Alexa & Hey Google (Hub Required) 10A, 1200W, 2-Pack, SP 224-2
  • SMART CONTROL: With Innr's smart plug you can connect all traditional lights to your smart lighting system and switch on and off your appliances (max 10A / 1200W)
  • WORKS WITH PHILIPS HUE*: Connects directly to Zigbee compatible hubs, including Philips Hue*, SmartThings and Alexa devices with built-in hub. *Does not work with Apple Homekit.

The Innr Zigbee Smart Plug is one of the most innovative devices that have been introduced in the past few years. You can use this plug to create a smart home that you always wanted. Innr Zigbee Smart Plug is a perfect device that can turn lights on/off controlling more than 10 devices. This plug has a number of features that make it better than any other like its compact design which does not block off adjacent sockets, its ability to work with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Philips Hue.

 In the modern world, there are a lot of appliances that we don’t use as much as before. The Innr Zigbee Smart Plugs make it easy to use them! I can plug in my coffee maker and have it turn on when it’s time for me to wake up. I can control my lights from anywhere with my smartphone. The plugs work great with Alexa! 

This brand is a great solution for those who have a lot of electronics they want to be able to control from their phone. It also worked nicely as a range extender for my other devices! 

The Innr Zigbee Smart Plug is a residential grade smart plug that is easy to set up, has an excellent build quality, and works with other ZigBee compatible devices. I have been able to switch my lights as well as talk to them using voice commands. They are extremely easy to use and come in different colors. For those interested in adding smart plugs these are absolutely the best option available.

I’d happily recommend this plug-in surge protector to anyone who wants an easy way to control all their electronics!


– Easy to setup

– Excellent build quality

– Works with other ZigBee compatible devices



Centralite Smart Zigbee Plug

Centralite Zigbee Smart Plug (Works with SmartThings, Hubitat, Ezlo, and Vera platforms)
  • Compatible with SmartThings, Wink, Hubitat, Vera Plus, Echo Plus, Echo Show, and othe ZigBee platforms..
  • Highest capacity smart plug on the market (15 Amps!)

The Centralite Smart Zigbee Plug is a great plug that’s been around for a while. They’ve fixed many of the problems that plagued other models, and I’m happy to say that those problems no longer exist. The plug is compatible with tons of different hubs, as well as pretty much anything else that supports ZigBee communication.

As a result, you can have a direct connection to your hub without having to go through any Wi-Fi connections. This also makes it so the plug will work even if there’s an outage in your internet service. It has a high capacity of 15 Amps too, so it’ll work even if you want something bigger than 10 Amps.

This plug combined with the ZigBee hub is a great way to extend your WiFi network. I was able to use this plug to connect my outdoor clothes dryer to the main outlet that was connected to my wireless network. This allowed me to stream music outside while washing clothes outside.

The Centralite Zigbee Plug is a plug for your home that can be controlled through your mobile device. This plug has a 15 amp capacity, which means it can handle any device you need to be plugged in. The plug has been made to work even when there’s a blackout and also strengthens the mesh network.

They have a direct connection to the hub for security and safety purposes as well as reliability. Supporting all types of ZigBee platforms, this plug is compatible with, Wink, and other devices running on ZigBee technology. They also have a LED indicator that tells you if it’s on/off. This device has great features that make it worth considering!


– Plug is compatible with plenty of different hubs.

– Good for when the internet is down.

– Works in mesh networking.

– Plenty of capacity (15 amps).

– Home devices can be controlled through mobile devices.

– Direct connection to the hub is safe and reliable.

– LED indicator tells you if it’s on/off.


– Not a whole lot of cons with this plug… It does what it needs to do!

Sylvania ZigBee Plug

SYLVANIA Smart ZigBee Smart Plug, Works with SmartThings, Wink, and Amazon Echo Plus, Hub Needed for Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant - 1 Pack
  • Compatible ZigBee hub is required to control this plug. Pair your SMART-plus Plug to a compatible ZigBee hub such as SmartThings, Wink, or Echo Plus.
  • Create Your Smart Home: Turn any outlet into a smart outlet. Easily plug your device into the SMART-plus Plug and use your compatible app or voice assistant to turn your device on and off. Hands-free, voice-controlled.

The Sylvania ZigBee Plug is a great way to cut costs and be energy efficient. The plug is compatible with most Zigbee hubs and it’s simple to plug all the items into it, as well as turn it on/off. The best part about this ZigBee is that it has the option of scheduling for you to turn on/off, so whether you’re gone or just forgetful, this may turn your devices on/off at adjusted times.

This would be great for things like fans, holidays. You can control it through your hub or through your phone. It also integrates with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, so you can simply ask them to turn it on/off. This is also for in-home utilize only with AC outlets. It also has a nice simple design that will blend into your home decor.

I am so excited about the Sylvania ZigBee plug! I use voice commands to control my lights, but I never had plugs that were compatible with any of my smart speakers. This product is perfect because it is compatible with Wink or Echo Plus, and I can start using it right out of the box with no additional setup required.

The Sylvania ZigBee Plug works great for turning my fans on and off with just a single voice command. It’s all hands-free! I set my Echo Plus up with this plug and programmed it to turn on or off my fan when I ask. It worked like a charm!

I really enjoy the 2-year warranty that is included with this product. I feel confident in my purchase knowing how long I can use my Sylvania ZigBee Plug, and any replacement devices if needed.


-Cheap; economical; good for the wallet

-Quick installation with the easy set-up procedure

-Save energy by turning any outlet into a smart outlet


-Only usable in an indoor setting

Cmars ZigBee Switch

CMARS Smart Plug, ZigBee Switch Mini Smart Outlet Works with ST, Alexa, Echo (4th gen) Echo Plus (2nd) Google Home, Works as a Range Extender, Hub Required (2 Pack)
  • ♦Why Zigbee?: Have a bunch of devices on your Wifi network?Overcrowded home Wifi network, internet becomging less stable?No worries! Hub + Zigbee, Very responsive, fast switching, more stable and Truly Plug and Play.
  • ♦Easy To Install and Wide Compatible: ZigBee smart plugs that work with alexa, , ST, Echo Studio, Echo Plus 2, Echo Show 2 and other Hub ZigBee 3.0. (Hub Required). No third party app required. NOTES: Does not work with ST(1st).

This Smart Plug is working very well for me. It’s easy to install and connect with other technology. I don’t have to worry about my Wifi network being too crowded anymore, because the ZigBee switch can help give me more bandwidth on my connection.

The ZigBee switch also makes it super easy to control the devices that are connected through it. For example, I can turn everything off with one button press or I can set a timer so certain devices will turn off after a few hours of inactivity. Another great thing about the Cmars ZigBee Switch is that it is compatible with different hubs, which means I can easily connect it with other devices in my home.

This product is worth every penny if you are having connection or overcrowding problems with your Wifi network. The Cmars ZigBee Switch is worth it to have crucial devices that you depend on being connected at all times, even when nothing else in your home is using the internet. Since I started using this switch, there have been no more slowdowns or dead spots in my connection. This product has been a lifesaver for me and I would recommend it to anyone who has congestion problems with their home network.


-Easy installation

-Compatible with different hubs which are nice if you want to connect it with other devices in your home

-Cheaper than many similar products on the market



Dogain Zigbee Plug

DOGAIN Zigbee Smart Plug That Work with Alexa Google Home and ST, Smart Outlet Plug with Timer Repeater Remote Control(Hub Required), 10A Max, 2 Pack
  • Higher security: Zigbee outlets don't need to install another APP on your phone, it connects to your hub directly, built-in Zigbee repeater also extends range of other ZigBee devices. Higher security and reliability.
  • Wide Compatibility: It's compatible with Zigbee 3.0 hub like ST V2/v3/v4, Echo(4th Gen)/Echo Plus(2nd Gen)/Echo Studio/Echo Show/Echo Show 10/Echo Studio, Hubitat...

The Dogain Zigbee Plug is one of the smartest plugs that I have seen. It has an in-built repeater that extends the range of other Zigbee devices and it’s also compatible with the most popular Zigbee hubs. The plug is also good for households where two plugs are already taken up.

It was nice that the plug has a wider range because it makes my home feel a little neater in my opinion. I don’t have to spread a bunch around the house in my opinion. I also like how it is easy to set up and the instructions are easy to understand. I was able to get it up and running quickly which made me really happy about this item.

The wide compatibility range ensures it can work with some old phones which wouldn’t be able to connect to the hub on their own. This product sure does make life easier for many people. The fact that it can be voice-controlled means I don’t have to go to the switchboard anymore. I have been using the Dogain Zigbee Plug for a few weeks now and I am quite impressed with it.

The plug can be plugged directly into an outlet. This means that you do not need to worry about being stuck with being too far from your router or other devices. The plug has a range of up to 250 meters, which is plenty of distance for someone like me who likes to travel and explore my home without having to worry about how much range the device will have and whether or not it will work in different areas. I also like that this plug does not require me to create an account before using it.

This makes things very simple and easy for people who are new to smart plugs as well as those who want something simple. It is always nice to have something that can be used with other apps, but for people who are not interested in using it with different apps, the plug works fine on its own. Again, I have been very impressed by this product so far and would recommend it to anyone looking for a smart plug that they can use while traveling or just want something simple.


-It has an in-built repeater for added security and an extended range

-Compatible with most popular Zigbee hubs

-Can connect to older phones which otherwise wouldn’t work

-Voice control feature


-I haven’t found any yet

Zigbee Repeater Benefits

ZigBee Repeaters are a fantastic tool for extending the coverage of your wireless ZigBee network.

Zigbee is a low-power, 2.4 GHz radiofrequency technology designed to operate over short distances with little interference from other devices in the same frequency range. This means that there are very few things that can interfere with ZigBee signals, making it an excellent choice for home automation applications where you want precise control but don’t need to cover huge areas or go through walls and doors.

Zigbee Repeater
Amazing, Cool, And Awesome ZigBee Repeaters 65

But because ZigBee doesn’t have much power, it can be difficult to get adequate signal strength without installing too many repeaters between the nodes on your network – which would increase costs exponentially while actually decreasing performance by introducing more points of failure.

This is where the Zigbee repeater comes in. It’s basically a device that receives, amplifies, and rebroadcasts your wireless ZigBee signals – allowing you to implement an efficient extendable network even if your rooms are too far apart or you need to go through walls or doors.

ZigBee Repeaters are fantastic tools for extending the coverage of your wireless ZigBee network. 

• Extend the coverage of your ZigBee network

• Less interference from other devices

• Fewer points of failure

• Expand the capabilities of your ZigBee devices

• Increase the performance

Factors To Consider When Choosing Zigbee Repeater

ZigBee Repeater is a low-power, low data rate wireless personal area network (WPAN) specification for use in smart homes and building automation. ZigBee can be used as an alternative to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

It was designed with the aim of being simpler than other WPAN technologies such as Bluetooth, which has resulted in lower power consumption and faster response times.

Here are five tips on how to choose a good Zigbee Repeater:


This is an important factor that you should not ignore at any cost. When it comes to high-end devices, the price can be a little steep for some; however, the performance and reliability they offer will make up for the initial cost over time. If you are looking for something with basic features and functionality, you can find one for less than $50.

Zigbee Repeater
Amazing, Cool, And Awesome ZigBee Repeaters 66

The cost of a repeater varies depending on many factors including but not limited to the quality of the product, features offered by the manufacturer, and demand for that product among others. However, it is always best to invest in a higher quality repeater because it will offer better features and extend the life of your network by a big margin.


You should always ensure that you purchase a repeater that is compatible with other devices in your smart home or building automation system. This is because it might lead to interference if you purchase incompatible products.

Distance Coverage 

This feature is a must-have. It refers to the range of transmission offered by your repeater. Good coverage will allow you to control wireless devices from any part of your home or office without experiencing any challenges.

Any Network Compatibility 

It is also important that you consider the compatibility of a repeater with other networks such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and other technologies. You can achieve a better working system if you take this into account.


Zigbee Repeater

The main purpose of a repeater is to improve the signal strength which reduces interference and enhances transmission speed. Therefore, ensure that your repeater fulfills this requirement to get optimum performance from it.


The ability of a repeater to offer continuous operation is also another factor you should consider when choosing one. As ZigBee products are used for automation purposes, they require reliable signals to ensure that the devices in your home or office are functioning optimally at all times.

Additional Features 

You can opt for extra features like the ability to charge other devices, integrate with your smart home/building automation system, and offer remote access among others. These features will enhance the benefits you get from the repeater.


Do not go for just any manufacturer when purchasing these products because some of them are known to compromise on quality by using low-quality products. If you want high levels of reliability and performance, only go for a reputable manufacturer with an excellent track record.

Zigbee Repeater
Amazing, Cool, And Awesome ZigBee Repeaters 67

Ease Of Installation 

A repeater might require you to hire a seasoned expert if it is complicated to install. However, some devices can be installed by anyone which will save you the cost of hiring an expert. This is yet another factor that makes certain repeaters more suitable than others.


The warranty offered on your repeater will determine the quality of your product. Some manufacturers do not offer long-term warranties which means that they are less reliable than those who offer long-term coverage. A good warranty might also help you in case of any issues with your repeater within the stipulated time. The best option is to go for a product that offers at least 1 year of warranty. They are sure to serve you well for a long time.


Zigbee Repeater
Amazing, Cool, And Awesome ZigBee Repeaters 68

Your repeater should be designed in such a way that it can blend in with the design of your smart home or building automation system without sticking out like a sore thumb. Even though aesthetics are not really important when it comes to these devices, you want something that will make your system look good rather than stand out for all the wrong reasons.


The size of the repeater matters as it will determine where you place it and how many devices it can support. However, apart from its size, it is important that you consider the dimensions of all your smart home or building automation devices before making a purchase so as not to place something on top of another and cause interference.

Power Consumption 

If your repeater consumes too much power, it might result in unnecessary additional costs on your power bill. You can compare the power consumption of a repeater with that of other smart home or building automation devices to determine whether it will have a significant impact on your finances.


The best way to learn about the quality and performance of a repeater is through outside reviews from people who have used them before. They will tell you the pros and cons of the products to help you make an informed decision about which repeater is best suited for your smart home or building automation system.

There are several benefits associated with using ZigBee repeaters in your smart home or building automation system. However, getting one that fulfills your requirements can be quite challenging. The factors mentioned above can help you find the best repeater at an affordable price.

FAQs About Zigbee Repeater

Can I boost the signal strength of my ZigBee devices?

-Yes, you can boost the signal strength of your ZigBee devices with a repeater.

Is it possible to use more than one repeater to extend coverage?

-If you have two or more routers in different locations that need to cover a large area, then yes you can connect them together and use a repeater.

How do I set up ZigBee Repeaters?

– To get started, download the Centralite app from the App Store or Google Play. Search “Centralite” and then select your ZigBee Repeater from the list of supported devices. Click on the + sign in the upper right corner and connect to your new ZigBee Repeater.

Can I use more than one repeater at a time?

-Yes, it is possible to use more than one repeater at a time if you have two or more routers in different locations that need to cover a large area. If this is the case, you can connect them together and use a repeater.

What is a ZigBee Repeater?

– A ZigBee Repeater is a device that extends the range of your existing network by boosting the signal strength. It will also amplify your signal so you can achieve greater coverage and throughput throughout your building or home.


If you’re looking for an easy way to extend the range of your ZigBee-equipped smart home devices, then I recommend investing in one of these five amazing repeaters. You’ll be able to cover more ground with less effort and enjoy all the benefits that come from using this type of device. Let’s take a closer look at some features, pros, cons, and reviews about each product so you can make an informed decision on which one is right for you!

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